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Welcome to The Cave, a weekly podcast looking at the best (and worst) of pop culture from yesteryear and tomorrow.

Hosted by Shane Adamczak & Paul Grabovac (the team behind the Breakfast show, The Breakfast Show Podcast and the 2016 Fringe Cast Podcast), join us each week for movie reviews, challenges, top 5 lists, questions from the internet and much more general stupidity!

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#18 • Eighteen And On The Scene (Season 1)

December 08, 2016

In this week’s R18+* episode of The Cave, a very naked Shane and Paul countdown their Top 10 R-Rated Films, check out some of your suggestions from the internet, dissect Transformers 5, porn parodies and their new on the ground reporter “Drunk Paul” calls in.

THIS WEEK’S CHALLENGE – Paul brings in a brief history of the FILMATION Animations Studio.

*LANGUAGE WARNING on this episode.

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