Dirty Feet

No More Radio presents Dirty Feet; a podcast on the topic of dance and movement-based performing arts. Unique, informed and accessible dialogue surrounding artistic creation, the dance industry and the role of movement in people’s lives.

No More Radio vous présente Dirty Feet; un podcast (émission parlée en baladodiffusion) qui traite de danse et tout art du mouvement. Le podcast engendre des dialogues qui englobent les différents thèmes de la créativité artistique, du rôle du mouvement dans la vie des gens, de l’interaction entre ce secteur des arts et la population, etc.

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#182 • Laura Taler

March 03, 2017

Laura Taler is a multitalented artist who has worked as a choreographer, dance-film director and visual artist. She is presenting an exhibition at Gallery 101 titled, The soft and the pliable will defeat the hard and the strong. We speak about the show, her past experience with Le Groupe Dance Lab and her extensive history with dance film.

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