Confabulation: The Podcast is a project from the producers of Montreal’s most popular monthly all-true storytelling series. The podcast will take favourite stories from the live show, and expand them with interviews and other material, exploring the tales, the tellers, and the reason why we share these stories.

Confabulation is a unique storytelling event in Montreal where all the stories are true. They are honest accounts, told without notes, props, or gimmicks. The show is inspired by The Moth, and millennia of oral tradition history, and hopes to encourage the practice and art of storytelling in this contemporary world.

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#19 • Raeven Geist-Deschamps

December 13, 2014

This week we hear from Confabulation co-producer, Raeven-Geist Deschamps. In this, her first Confabulation story, Raeven shares a transcendental familial experience – and the limits of that single moment. From April 2014’s Confabulation presents: Lies My Parents Told Me.

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