About No More Radio

No More Radio is a podcast experiment. We create and develop new podcasts, some are one-offs, some become series, some are complete and utter failures. Yet, we still go on and create.
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Who We Are

Paul Aflalo

Paul Aflalo

Co-Founder / Executive Producer & Creative Director / Producer

Filmmaker, producer, radio host, and teacher are all many roles that Paul Aflalo, has had in pursuit of his long-sought career of doing anything he wants. His most notable film, Surfing the Waste: a Musical Documentary about Dumpster Diving, was an official selection at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam and is the only film to ever been screened two years in a row at The World Wide Short Film Festival in Toronto. His work with local Montreal musicians, led to the production of his second short documentary, Jahsun, which follows the life of the Kalmunity Vibe Collective founder. Dabbling outside the film world, Paul produced Remember Griffintown, a three-day event celebrating the rich history of the former Montreal Irish Quarter, and as a result he became the events producer for Indyish! working with artists from Montreal, across Canada and around the world. And he of course produces and hosts this show every week.